Survival wisdom – Wisdom that survives

I am interested in the bridge between grandparents and grandchildren, between great-grandparents and great-grandchildren which in everyday life is generally invisible. Words of wisdom and concepts of life are conveyed over this bridge.

A very special power lies in the in the relationship of the generations where an intervening generation is skipped. It is free from the practicality and everyday direction  of the parent-child relationship. Deep-rooted themes of life become clear which may in a wonderful way bring the small and the great worries of everyday life into balance.

Perhaps you will discover that you carry your own encouraging words of wisdom, values and patterns – from whichever generation they may come. Or perhaps you will acquire stimuli for boosting thoughts and feelings which you can adopt for yourself. Theft of wisdom from other generations is allowed!


The practical application of the projects.

I am looking for (great-)grandparents and (great-)grandchildren who would look at the following questions:

- What would I wish from my experience of life for my grandchild?

- What awareness of life would I like to pass on to my grandchild?

- What can I learn from my grandchild?

- What can I do with my grandchildren which perhaps I did not do with my children?

- What have I learnt from my grandfather/grandmother?

- What do I find great about my gran/granddad?


I will photograph you while we talk about these themes and so capture the generational bridge in the picture.

You will have created a small treasure in word and picture.

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