Buddhist Monks

Dressed in red, orange or yellow they set the tone of the streets of many Asiatic countries.


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Monks for a limited length of time

In Buddhism there is only one order – but there are different “schools”, and the ways of life are sometimes quite different.

When entering an order monks do not (as they do in Christian orders) dedicate their lives to God and take a lifelong vow. The vows are rather made for the time of being a member of the order; and they are seen as an exercise, not as a penance. So monks can at any time leave the order and also rejoin it.

In practice different countries handle this in different ways. In Thailand an ordination for two years is good form for every young man. If he does not have that much time, a few days will also be acceptable.

Buddhist monks have permission to ask only for water or medicine, or a new robe if the old one has been stolen. Anything else must be given to them unasked and of one’s own free will. Conversely the monks do not express their thanks for the gifts, because these were not given to them as presents or to give them joy, but as a sacrifice in order to gain good karma.

Source and further information: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhistische_Ordensregeln

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